Summer is Coming to a Close, Already?

Where Did Summer Go?

Where Did Summer Go?

My goodness, that was fast.

I just got the hang of staying cool this year and wow…it is Labor Day!

Does anyone else miss those slow, and very lazy days of the summer when we were really young, and everything seemed so easy?

I remember summer vacation lasting for what seemed an eternity. I would eventually beg Mother, “How Long until school?”

Don’t you ever wish it would all just slow down. I wish we could return to slipping down a gentle river atop an inner-tube, slurping icy watermelon under shade trees, and reading new books by the pool? I miss seeing all my cousins gathered in one spot, and thinking it would always be just as it was then.

Labor Day seems to designate the official end of summer. Actually, summer continues for most of September, and is not officially finished until September 22 at 10:29 P.M. However, Labor Day arrives and children must face teachers, travel is limited, and the work load tends to increase. Getting away for a day of fun gets more difficult, and we are all so busy. Life just gets more complicated as the summer comes to an end, and as we become the ones who buy the new books, arrange for the pool parties, haul youngsters to the river, and cleanup chunks of watermelon.

Tomorrow, I think, I am going find a tire store on my way to the river!
Enjoy your weekend and be safe everyone.

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Happy 238th Birthday

US Constitution - We The People   with USA  Flag.

Our national birthday is July forth. A celebration of the signing of our Declaration of Independence.

There will be great picnics, and amazing fireworks, which I always think of as the official start to summer-fun. July the Forth is also the day each year when I don’t apologize for telling everyone we are an American-Made company, and we buy from other American-Made businesses at every opportunity.

Every time I purchase organic flowers from an American farmer, I am producing a job, which will support organic industries in America. We actively look for American farmers to support. Additionally, we purchase our printing, bottles, jars, and equipment from American-Made companies. We do this, because we want to support our economy. We want to provide jobs. How can Americans bless and support other poorer nations, when we can not provide enough jobs for our own needs? Think of the airline steward’s instruction, “first apply the air-mask to your own face, before reaching out to help others.” This is not selfishness, but practical. When Americans are strong we are the most generous people on earth. No country on earth gives anything comparable to what just the average American family gives each year, in charitable contributions. Once, we were able to extend our hand in millions of aid dollars. We were proud to send food, clothing, medical supplies and dollars where needed. American Aid allowed the poorest of the poor to thrive and move toward greater economic independence. I create jobs here for you and your neighbors, and that is the very best thing I can do for my country’s women.

We also buy American, because I know, it is the best I can do for the environment. I can depend on the American Organic Farmer, and the quality of herbs, spices, plants, and flowers, which we purchase when creating our unique brand of organic skin care products. When comparing apples to roses, there is little real control overseas concerning the use of pesticides, herbicides, and GMO seed. Additionally, everything brought across the seas creates a monster carbon footprint. The less we ship by massive ocean tanker, the better we serve our environment. I might pay a bit more for American-Made, but it is worth the peace of mind I have when certifying a bundle of calendula blossoms as pesticide free. This is the best I can give you.

Most importantly, we support the ethical treatment of employees, everywhere. I know the American farm where my flowers were grown treated her farm workers in an ethical manner. We do not fully know of the economic and physical abuse endured by those who labor in foreign fields. I have no desire to aid the suffering of others by supporting large industrial farms, which create little better than slave conditions for their workers. There are places in this world where children are forced into labor, which is little more than a slave camp. These are places where children are routinely forced into employment at the sacrifice of their education and families. We support the ethical treatment of all persons and one day, hopefully very soon, all persons will be valued and cherished. While American Farms are not yet perfect, few things in life are perfect, but the organic American farm is the best I can give you.

Now, back to the picnic planning. Have a safe and Happy Forth of July.

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June 29, 2014 · 11:26 am

Celebrate Healthy Choices


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Spring Cleaning Sale

Clean Up with 20% Sale

Clean Up with 20% Sale

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April 3, 2014 · 11:05 am

Read & Repeat

Message Worth  Repeating

Message Worth Repeating

This message comes from one of our herbal suppliers. At first sight it was hard to read. Slowly, I began to see the value in repeating this message, even if fear of rejection was seeping into my mind. We are barraged with news, which is less than uplifting, so once in a while we need to know that people are thinking about how to improve the world and making small efforts at bringing a smile to others.

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April 3, 2014 · 10:23 am

Wonderful Spring

Spring 2014

It Has Melted!

It was a long dark winter. Most of the country has experienced the season as the bitterest of cold, and it never seemed to end. I know we are exhausted from winter; therefore, sighting a first sprig of green, or the annual appearance of a robin is cause for momentary celebration. It feels so good to open a window for fresh air and not hear the, “you’re letting the cold in!”

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April 3, 2014 · 9:13 am

Our 10th Anniversary Sale

         2004 ~ 2014

2004 ~ 2014

It’s our Birthday!

Karen’s Botanicals is celebrating ten years of formulating organic creations for wonderful customers, family, and friends. This is a huge event in the world of small business, as ten years is a milestone. Everyone is familiar with statistics for business failure, with few companies surviving the first eighteen months.

This is Karen’s Botanicals’ 120th month.
That’s a big, “Wow!”

We recognize this accomplishment is a shared one. We want to take this opportunity to thank you, the customers, for helping us succeed. Your support can not be measured. You are the front line of this success.  Our very best ideas come from you and I am always grateful to hear from you concerning our product line.  I might sit quietly on your ideas for months, but they are recorded and every effort is given to implement your suggestions. We are so very grateful to you our customers.

Thank you for your supportive attitudes and the graciousness you show to our company. Ultimately you are the reason we can celebrate our anniversary.

Secondly, We share this accomplishment with Karen Palcho, and she has given us plenty of reasons to celebrate. Her artistic vision, knowledge and expertise made this company possible. Karen moved her products beyond the hip, “natural-label,” to a very organic and pure label. Everything Karen brought to this business was authentic, because she was true to herself and her ideals. She was ahead of her time in 2004 when most people were still using the terms, “Natural, and Organic,” as interchangeable descriptions. She could have settled, but she did not.

Thank you Karen. If not for your willingness to take this risk we’d be missing the greatest fun of our lives.

We want to mention the suppliers and the import role they play in our development. This might seem an odd group to thank, because I pay them; however, without our wildcrafters, organic farmers, and corporate suppliers we could not work with the quality of ingredients necessary for truly pure and wholesome products.

We have a wildcrafter in Northern Alaska. He works for us in the very worst of winter, as that is the only time the buds can be harvested correctly. His land is the most remote location you can imagine. There he selects only the finest buds, and these produce our wonderful oils with that delicious aroma. He does all of this with the greatest care not to injure the buds, and he works land that has never been commercially cultivated. The land is free from pesticides, herbicides, and all harvested in the most ethical possible manner.

How can we not love this guy.
He is fantastic.

Personally, I want to thank my family. I have such wonderful sons and the most terrific step-son, and these guys have been so supportive of my efforts. Our son, Stephan, has served as the greatest technical adviser I could ever have. He has assisted on projects to numerous to list, and is Vice President of our company.

Thank you, Boys.
Your emotional support has sustained me.

Finally, to my husband,
Truly, the only animal we use to test our products, and who suffers much, but says little.
I love you.

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New 8 Ounce Lotion Pump

Turning  A Swan into a Duck

Turning A Swan into a Duck

The new pump for our Boston Round 8 ounce Bottle has arrived. It isn’t causing random outburst of celebration in the aisles of Congress, but around here it is a pretty big deal.

Just drop your eight ounce bottle of, “Refreshing Lemon Mint Cleanser,” on a tile floor, and see if this improvement doesn’t make for great rejoicing.

The old 8 ounce pump had a swan-like neck, which unfortunately was given to snapping when dropped. This new design fits snug into the bottle until released. Less of a swan and more of a duck, but we’re excited.

Directions for Opening:
Push down on pump and turn counter-clockwise until released.

New Bottle Pump

New Bottle Pump

These bottles still contain 8 ounces of product and or more. We have always over-filled our bottles, as we want you to get as much product, as possible from each product. The inner “workings,” of the pump are not as elongated as our last style. This puffy square style seems to consume more space at the very top of the bottle, the bottles may not look as full, but rest assured that there is still eight ounces of product, or more in each and every bottle.

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January 18, 2014 · 6:40 pm

Your Feedback Is Important To Us – Review Us Now

We love our customers and are always trying to improve. Please take a moment to give us your feedback.

Review Us Now

Thank You!

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September is the Thyme for Rosemary and Grandparents


“There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance; pray you, love,
remember. And there is pansies, that’s for thoughts.”
-William Shakespeare (Hamlet, Act 4, Scene 5)

Happy Grandparent’s Day

Today should be called, Unconditional Love Day, because that’s what I feel Nana & Granddaddy were.

September is the perfect month. I love September. It is my favorite month. I know fall is coming and the hills are going to go wild with color. I get to find all the heavy blankets, locate sweaters, and prepare for coolness, nips, and chill bumps. In September, we set a little moment aside to honor my favorite people in the world, our grandparents. We also get to send their most precious great-grandchildren back to school. Finally, in September, we get that first delicious cup of tea in total domestic tranquility. Oh, Enjoy! The adventures of summer are slowing. Everything is about to change. It’s a new start, September. I always feel that something wonderful is going to happen in September.

I was crazy about my Grandparents. The love they expressed for me is still so very present. I think of them daily and I try to honor them with my words each and every-time I think, or speak of them. They made me who I am today. They gave me my history, a sense of security, and all the confidence possible. Today find a way to connect with your own Nana and Pops. Develop new family ties. Adopt some new grandparents or maybe some grandchildren. That older couple down the street, or that child in the apartment above could be the perfect match for sharing life experiences, or for learning something new from someone who cares.

Memories Made & Memories Kept
In 1599, Shakespeare wrote the oft quoted line in, “Hamlet,” “Rosemary is for remembrance.” I am not sure of just what he knew about Rosemary in the 16th Century, but scientists are discovering a truth beyond this line from Hamlet. Rosemary has miraculously therapeutic health benefits, which can help us retain memory, and cognitive brain function. We allow worry just a bit about memory loss. Isn’t this one of our final fears, the casting of our memories with advancing age? However, advances in science are finding answers in the simple Herb, Rosemary.

There is research on Rosemary that shows promising results. Dr. Mark Moss, has published his and the findings of fellow scientists at the Northumbria University in Newcastle, England. Their field is neuroscience and they are looking into the value of Rosemary and Lavender as memory boosters. They have reported exciting news for improving our mood, memory, mental clarity, and cognitive reasoning skills.

This test was designed to determine what effect the herb, Rosemary had on our performance and attitude. One hundred test subjects were simply exposed to Rosemary, and were asked to take a whiff. Of this scruffy looking herb. This study centered around the human olfactory perception, or our sense of smell.

We say, “an apple a day to keeps the doctor away”, but soon, “a whiff of Rosemary keeps my memory Okay!” The chemicals within Rosemary are also being tested as possible breast cancer, and arthritis treatments.

Grow your Memory
Rosemary is a beautiful plant to grow. Growing Rosemary from scratch is so easy and fun. It is a wonderful project
for grandchildren to share.

Growing a pot or two of Rosemary cuttings will be nearly addictive, because it is so easy. Here is how.

Prepare your pot:
Fill a gardening pot with prepared organic potting material, make several holes for your future rosemary plants. A pencil makes the perfect urban homesteading shovel. Rosemary can be grown from cuttings. So carefully snip off a shoot, or “twenty,” from an organic & healthy Rosemary plant, taking a bit of the, “heel,” as you cut.

Add honey:
Take this freshly snipped stem and dip it into a bit of honey. Yes! Honey! It makes a great rooting gel, while it does not contain plant hormones, it does work nicely as a rooting gel. And it is just the type of thing my grandmother would suggest doing. Besides, I don’t think Nana knew about commercial plant hormones. Honey is easy, available and environmentally friendly. To use, just pour a tablespoon or less of honey into a separate dish and dip your future Rosemary root into the honey making sure to coat the tip.

Put in Place:
Press your little shoots into the prepared holes you have made in your organic soil. Place several cuttings into each pot to get that “bushy effect.”

Keep moist, and in a sunny window.

As they mature, snap a few of those pine needle-like leaves each day and take a whiff. Let your Rosemary enhance your day.

Easy Ways to Add More Rosemary to your Life

Rosemary Tea
Boil Fresh Cold Water, place a sprig of Rosemary, or use Rosemary leaves into Tea Pot,add a pinch or two of mint and two well sized slices of lemon. Steep for intensity of favor. I like tea with a bit of mint, and lemon. Add a bit of honey if you like. Pour tea into cup and share.

More Uses
Add a three to four inch sprig of Rosemary to your next bottle of balsamic vinegar, add a sprig to your Olive Oil bottle for flavor, add sprigs of Rosemary to your barbecue coals, add Rosemary leaves to your sauces, marinades, and they are wonderful when used atop all things grilled.

This herb enhances all flavors.
Try your roasted potatoes with something more than butter. Try finely ground and tender rosemary leaves, garlic, a bit of minced onion, yogurt, sea salt, pepper and cheese it you must. WOW-tasty!

Top your salads…they always need a few finely pressed & tender leaves of Rosemary. What about a warm rosemary/honey butter topping for your next slice of hot bread.

No matter your current family situation, honor those who go before us, and if possible adopt some new grandparents along the way.

Save 10% in September on our Rosemary line of products, just click on the link. Natural Rosemary Products

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